Hello, I’m Jason Yeung.
Currently - An MD/PhD Student

Professionally, I study emerging viruses but I'm interested in all things data science. I run Data Pointes, a blog analyzing long-term outcomes of American ballet dancers.

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Who am I?

I am a past ballet dancer turned future physician scientist! I am passionate about biomedical research on viral diseases. While I no longer dance professionally, I coordinate research focused on understanding disparities and long-term outcomes in ballet.

My area of focus is at the intersection of virology, medicine, and data science. Long-term, I'm looking to blend a research background in translational technologies for emerging viral illnesses with clinical pathology practice.

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Viral Recombination Mapper Analysis

Viral Recombination Mapper Analysis

This application helps users represent viral recombination events interactively, allowing for quick analysis and intuitive data visualizations.

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Data Pointes

This blog provides in-depth analysis of a unique dataset of American ballet dancers I've been curating for 3+ years, generating industry-wide statistics useful for dancers and organizations.

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Data Pointes
American Ballet Network Visualization

American Ballet Network Visualization

This application was made early on in the making of Data Pointes, visualizing the relationship between American ballet dancers and organizations.

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Research using wet and dry lab techniques with experience at Biosafety Level 3. Over 5+ years coding in R. Have also worked with D3.js, Python, Linux Command Line, and MongoDB.

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University of Texas Medical Branch
University of Pittsburgh
Texas A&M University